Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Inspired by a Song

Misty Mawn is letting us down gently after the excitement of journaling every day in January, she is continuing on with every Wednesday's. January was such a blast that I am very happy we are still going on. (big Grin!)
One of my favorite musical artist right now is Corinne Baily Rae and two of my favorite songs are Breathless and I'd Like To (put my fingers on you).

This back stairway leads to what was a house of ill repute in the 1920's in the northern BC town of Stewart.
And what goes on behind closed doors???

Why it would leave you breathless!! (Wink!)


Marilyn Rock said...

Fantastic! And; what a story it tells. WOW!

Anonova said...

Whoo! A bawdy house! Hehehe.

femminismo said...

Sorry if I've posted twice. Seems to be a glitch in Bloggerville. Anyway, I was saying "Love your spot. Will listen to your music recommendation. Popped over from Judy Wise's spot and really like your work.