Monday, 9 February 2009


I thought this was a really interesting challenge to make a bundle to install outside in the elements and photograph and log how it disintegrates. How cool is that? I learned of the challenge from Ms Judy Wise, girl art reporter. :) Judy is always posting interesting and beautiful things on her blog. I find it a joy to go and see what she has been up to and I was inspired by her entry when coming up with my own design. I will get better photos tomorrow in natural light. Seeing Judy's rolls gave me the idea of using rolls and I styled it like wind chimes. It doesn't make any noise of course but it might be cool to see how the wind whips it around. Will the ends shred? How long will the colour last? Will there be anything left by May 1st?
I made it to disintegrate but I wanted it to last till May so I reinforced my pages with duck tape. This allowed me to roll and glue it and strong enough to punch and run thread through. I used different mediums to colour my paper that would not be waterproof. I want to see what happens when the paint starts to run off in the rain or fade in the sun.
I used wax crayons, water soluble oil pastels, walnut ink, watercolours, bees wax and gel pens. I used strong cotton thread to hang the tubes and wooden beads and feathers. The sticks are from our Poplar tree. Seth is the idea man behind this challenge if you want to learn more. Tomorrow besides taking some better photos, I will also be hunting for an interesting place in the yard to hang my disintegration piece. For now its off to bed. Cheers


Marilyn Rock said...

Love this challenge Pattio! I love what you came up with. I love the rolls and it will be interesting to see the effects over time. I see you use oil water soluable pastels. Do you know of any non-toxic fixative for them? The spray stuff is causing some problems with me - allergy or something. Hugs, Marilyn

Seth said...

This is a real beauty. Love the idea of a wind chime. Glad you are now a part of this project.

rachel whetzel said...

OH WOW!! I am SO inspired to use this in part two of the project!! STUNNING!!