Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sketching live

Ok, for the first time I tried sketching in public of living models. I have been really insecure about my drawing abilities so this is a big deal for me. The likeness is not there but the fact that I could do this in front of others is a break through for me. Baby steps, deep breaths. Phew I did it. :)
We went to a pub last night and saw the band Mid Life Crisis and I really enjoyed their performance. So nice to get out and see some live music. :)

This is not from a live model. Ha ha


Marilyn Rock said...

Congrats on your baby step Pattio. However I do not think it's a baby step; it's a giant step. It would be for me. I think this is fantastic that you did this in front of people. I am so shy about that and think this is awesome. Kudos to you! I love your sketches!

Anonova said...

These are WONderful!! Pat yourself on the back, madame, you are awesome. :)

teakay said...

love your sketches! I've been following your blog for some time and I really enjoy it...thanks for sharing all the good stuff! I've added you to my blog favorites and thought you might enjoy my blog, too.