Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Here is a challenge I sent to Anonova and Mergatroid. The image below came in an email to me with the caption " This just can't be explained."
I thought it was so humorous and that there must be lots of stories that could explain what it going on here, so the challenge ensued and here is my rendition. (grins)
What a cutie pie! Here he is on his wedding day with his best mans gift. Nathan is so happy because he thought it wasn’t going to arrive in time, but the UPS guy came through big time! Even though they closed the road due to the building of the new Murphy Bridge, George broke through the barrier and fly through the mud right to Nathan’s door. Poor George gunned it right at the end only to pop out with unexpected traction shooting him right into the flower bed. The cops were wondering what the heck all the fuss was about and all had their thinking caps on trying to figure out now how to get George’s van out of the flowers??? Nathan could care a less because he could now present the Bertina 1000 to Sam his best man. You see Nathan made his tux himself entirely on the Bertina 1000 and Sam was so impressed he wanted to start sewing too! The day was going to be perfect after all!!!


Anonova said...

Hahahaha! I love this one, Patti! I can totally picture the whole sequence of events.

jgr said...

This is priceless! How funny and I love your 'story' to go with it.