Monday, 14 September 2009

Art at the speed of life!

Things have been very busy these days and I haven't had as much time for art as I would like.
This is a recent page I did in my Hat Journal. This is Boggie in the infamous "Fedora". What a classic!

One reason I have been busy is getting ready to finish the outside of my new art studio. Yah finally! My contractor is coming tomorrow to put up siding. It will be so nice to get that done before winter. Here is the before siding picture. I love my studio and the deck which was an afterthought and I am so happy I went for it. It is so wonderful to have even more space in the summer!!! Its is going to look so much nicer with the siding up too.
I recently splurged on these new horse bookends for my studio shelves. I am very fussy about my equine art and these are just so cool in my books. :) I like how each horse is different too not just a mirror of the other one.
As well as the siding I am getting a counter top for my north wall (shown below). Again this is the before picture where the counter will go. I so love my studio! It is glorious to have so much space where I can pull a table out and have friends over or have a big project going on or even 2. I feel so blessed. Outside on my deck I have a collection of benches pots and chairs and oh what is that little green dot on the table???
Why its a Pacific Tree Frog trying to warm up on the metal table just after the sun disappeared and it started to sprinkle. Ah he is all curled up trying to conserve body heat. Isn't he cute?

While I was watching him from my studio he suddenly came to life and hopped right toward me and climbed in the potted fern right beside my door. He sure blends in with that fern. Can you see him?

I think I will go relax for a bit before the big day tomorrow of putting up siding. Wish me luck.
I hope your all having a good week.


mergatroid said...

Yay Pattio! I bet the siding will look great! I love your new book ends, wherever did you get them they are so awesome! I can't wait till I feel well enough to spruce up my studio, it has become a 'catch all' and desperately needs freeing!
with all your wonderful pics I feel inspired.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Having one's own space, arranged to one's liking, having the peace and quiet and being able to leave one's thing out - that is what makes creative work so wonderful. Enjoy!
That little frog is cute - I love the way he is making himself look like a leaf in your plant.

Bea said...

OOOOOOOh, thank you for the tour of your studio. What a wonderful creative space. I love the frog!
I had to squint for a moment to find him in the ferns.
Found you from your comment at Lynne's site. I'll be back. :)Bea

Marilyn Rock said...

Love seeing your studio - wonderful and so inviting :) Good luck with the siding; big project but worth it. Love the photos! Thanks for sharing so much with us. Hugs, Marilyn