Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I am my art

Working again in my "I am my art" journal . . .

I painted a whole set of coasters in green, gold and red. I did them really quickly and spontaneously with my palette knife. In this one I clearly saw a horse and rider jumping and outlined it so you can see it too. ;) then it found a place in my journal.

I love this red page spread that I created with bubble wrap. This weekend I created the heart and thought it belonged on this page. For the heart I used about 6 pages from a German bible and stitched it to a piece of cardstock that already had some textured paint on it. then I stitched the heart shape and then carefully ripped all the layers over the heart till I got down to the textured cardstock and then I painted it gold and red.

You can see in this closeup all the ripped layers. I like it.

The Freshest Red. An afternoon snack, fresh picked off the tree. This is my coffee table in my studio. Are these apples red and shinny or what!

Outdoors in the sunshine. The red colour is actually truer on the shot from inside the house with the flash, but that sunshine was just so welcome and hard to resist.
Happy Creating everyone!


Marilyn Rock said...

Super Pattio! Love the coaster inclusions! WOW! Wonderful pictures here!

Anonova said...

Wow, that stitched heart is SO AWESOME! And the apple photos turned out really great.

lynne h said...

patti, your books are so exceedingly beautiful, and there is such an energy of love and caring about them... my eyes feast on your pages... xo

mergatroid said...

I love your 'I am my art' journal! I totally think the heart looks awesome, with all the layers, all the texture. Lovely!

rivergardenstudio said...

Your journal is beautiful... and I want to see more of your coffee table... and hear how you made it... have a beautiful weekend... Roxanne