Monday, 5 October 2009

Chinese Zodiac Going Postal Journal

It took 12 years but I now have all 12 in the collection of Chinese Zodiac postage stamps by Canada Post. I don't have it absolutely complete. Each year they issue two First Day Covers, A regular local stamp and an international stamp and a souvenir sheet, but I have at least 2 items for every symbol. I reserved this journal I made with my most favorite Japanese paper just for this purpose. Its funny Once I had the whole collection I was getting overwhelmed at the thought of starting in it. Well I am finally over that now and working away in it.
The first issue stamp was Year of the Ox. Here is the souvenir sheet and a regular stamp. I copied the background colours for my background too. Somewhere I found a rubber stamp of it and the Buddha is my own photo from my garden.
I got inspired to do a portrait. What can I say I am still learning! The red maple is also my photo from my garden and at the bottom the Year of the Tiger stamp.

Then follows the 2 First Day covers for Year of the Tiger.

Year of the bunny is next. I had fun with paint on this spread. It is very rich in person and this one particularly doesn't translate to the screen at all.

That's all so far but I will be working more in this journal now. Stay tuned. :)


lynne h said...

WOW, patti! this is stunning! oh my goodness... the japanese paper is gorgeous (i'm assuming you mean the paper the pages are made from is japanese). what is it called? and the paper on the cover - that's beautiful! not to mention the stamps and your artwork!

this is going to be such a beautiful journal... xo

Anonova said...

The Bunny spread is way more amazing in real life, for sure. I love the way you positioned the little one!

luthien said...

O..M..G!!! this is magnificent!! and to think of the passion and patience that went into this creation ... it just blows my mind! you are just masterclass!!

Marilyn Rock said...


rivergardenstudio said...

Wow... your work here is so beautiful... I love it all, especially the textures on the year of the bunny... Roxanne