Thursday, 12 November 2009

Lines by a pizza cutter . . .

These are not my usual colours but lately I have fallen in love with teal and I am experimenting with it a great deal. I started with the pizza cutter making two outside borders and then ended up with it again over top. I like the energy in this spread. I punched out a bunch of different shapes of my Yupo with Alchol inks and ended up using all the bits left too. The negative space turned out so interesting. I think I got a bit carried away. :)
Colour by number??? No I don't think so.

A jewel toned rainbow.
The recipe~ Fluid acrylics, watercolour, pizza cutter and bubble wrap, masking tape and skeleton leaf.

Fun bright frame with more of the Yupo paper and Alchol inks.


Marilyn Rock said...

I'm in awe of your pages and techniques! Love the pizza cutter effect! Brilliant! HAve good weekend Pattio!

lynne h said...

yeah, i wanna dance with color... : )

this pizza cutter idea looks way cool.

of course i love everything i see here... i always say that, i know, but it's true...