Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Rock on

Listening to the amazing Jeff Beck and journaling. :)
Yupo squares with alcohol inks

Grunge board heart

These doors open to a quadruple page spread.

North Arrow inspired from the old days when I did hand drafting.


Life is precious enjoy it to the fullest everyday!

Pizza cutter grass. I got a pizza cutter for paining lines a friend told me about it. Wow it is so cooler than I expected it too. I will have more works soon with this new tool.


Marilyn Rock said...

Terrific Pattio! How do those alcohol inks react with the Yups? Looks great to me! I've just started playing w/ the Yupo paper and watercolors. Love your pages here! Have good weekend ahead! xxoo

lynne h said...

i came here a few days ago, and i don't know what left me more speechless - these gorgeous pages or the fact that you've been listening to jeff beck. i've been listening to jeff beck!! i was wondering how many people even know who he is these days, and then i come here and you're listening to him!

okay, back to the art... EVERYTHING here is such complete and total eye candy... you create such a variety of pages and they're *all* beautiful. that's amazing (and impressive) to me. i really love the eyes/face in the top pic... and those doors, and that yupo... and that grungeboard heart, and, and...

can you see me smiling?

: )