Sunday, 27 September 2009

Long light

I got my Studio door stained this weekend along with a bunch of yard chores I have been wanting to get done before the weather changes. It has been a fabulous September and I have enjoyed it so! It is nice to get everything painted and tidied up before the rains come. Sometimes it seems like once it starts it could carry on for a long time. Now that I have my studio I can escape into paradise!
A paint squirt that really appealed to me. ;) I thought I could be used for a "J"

This is a piece of Yupo with Alcohol inks daubed on. What fun this was. I did it over at Rachelle's place last weekend. We had a great time!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Autum Equinox

This is myself and Rick Ellwood my contractor hard at work putting up the siding of my art studio. NOT! :)))
I ran out of money last summer and had to go through the winter, spring and summer with just the tar paper. As you can see Rick is a blast to work with and will let you assist to save on the cost. His company is Trade Safe. I highly recommend him. He is reliable, really knows his stuff and is reasonable.

Here it is finished. I even got it painted already thanks to Scotia Painting. Go Ken go! I love the colours! A soft gray/green with a lighter trim. And the colour name is Artful Green. Is that kismit or what! It is so serene and calming and fits in with the surrounds perfectly.
I am so happy to see the end of that tar paper! Next I have to get my door stained. The weather here in Victoria has been fabulous this September and promises to carry on for a week or so yet. Ya! That should give me an opportunity to finish off the details. Now it is as pretty on the outside as it is on the inside. I am really happy how it all has turned out. :)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Art at the speed of life!

Things have been very busy these days and I haven't had as much time for art as I would like.
This is a recent page I did in my Hat Journal. This is Boggie in the infamous "Fedora". What a classic!

One reason I have been busy is getting ready to finish the outside of my new art studio. Yah finally! My contractor is coming tomorrow to put up siding. It will be so nice to get that done before winter. Here is the before siding picture. I love my studio and the deck which was an afterthought and I am so happy I went for it. It is so wonderful to have even more space in the summer!!! Its is going to look so much nicer with the siding up too.
I recently splurged on these new horse bookends for my studio shelves. I am very fussy about my equine art and these are just so cool in my books. :) I like how each horse is different too not just a mirror of the other one.
As well as the siding I am getting a counter top for my north wall (shown below). Again this is the before picture where the counter will go. I so love my studio! It is glorious to have so much space where I can pull a table out and have friends over or have a big project going on or even 2. I feel so blessed. Outside on my deck I have a collection of benches pots and chairs and oh what is that little green dot on the table???
Why its a Pacific Tree Frog trying to warm up on the metal table just after the sun disappeared and it started to sprinkle. Ah he is all curled up trying to conserve body heat. Isn't he cute?

While I was watching him from my studio he suddenly came to life and hopped right toward me and climbed in the potted fern right beside my door. He sure blends in with that fern. Can you see him?

I think I will go relax for a bit before the big day tomorrow of putting up siding. Wish me luck.
I hope your all having a good week.