Friday, 18 June 2010

I have sucumbed! LOL!

I did it, I got an iPad. This is drawn right on the screen with Harmonious very fun and organic feeling way to create.
Then I opened it in Silhouettes and saved it.

This is with Photogene

Silhouettes again.

A combo of Photogene and Silhouettes
This is Photoeffects


Sketch Mee is very cool!
My mom

My horse Gizelle photo before
And after with Sketch Mee


Tammie said...

it looks as though you are having wonderful fun!

Marilyn Rock said...

Absolutely awesome! I'm happy you are enjoying your Ipad and it definitely looks as though you are! xxoo

lynne h said...

oh my goodness... this makes me want an iPad... so do you draw with your fingers or a stylus on the screen? xo

Patti G. said...

You got an ipad and creating art with it already!!!!! Amazing, and so glad you are enjoying your new artful toy! Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!