Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Inspiration Deck

I have been wanting to make an inspiration deck for quite some time and I finally got it started. I took a standard sheet of watercolour paper and marked off my cards on one side trimmed off the excess, then flipped it over and started painting. It has many layers of paint, text papers, stamps and more painted layers using lots of different tools. This is the final result just before I chopped it all up into 64 cards that are ATC sized (2.5 x 3.5") Below is a close up detail. It shows the pizza cutter lines and the sequins waste dots as well as some cheese cloth. I am very happy with the results and now I have to get busy and customize the fronts of my cards. :)


Patti G. said...

Patti my sister,
I love the start of your card deck! The background is soooooooo beautiful it will be a shame to cover it up, but I feel you will enhance them with your personal hand-done artwork and they will shine shine shine! I will be back to see more when you post them!!!!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Super beginning to your card deck Pattio! I can't wait to see more.

MoMeMa said...

Hello Patti,
I enjoy your blog page and all your artwork. If you like we can reciprocal linking?. Happy creating and Inspire Others!

lynne h said...

hey patti, how did i miss this post?! what a wonderful idea! and it's funny because i've just been thinking about starting a series of cards too! not an inspiration deck, but still, cards... xo