Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Anonova's journal

Meet Fiona
My good friend Kell and I swapped journals and I have been having a blast playing in hers. Here is a little tease for you. Fiona I started from scratch.

This next spread I worked on I used her background as a starting point. The fiery colours inspired me. Here are some details.

To tame the blue painters tape I added a bunch of layers of acrylic paints, pan pastels and oil pastels. Also added a filter for fun.
Kellie and I always have a blast when we get together and art up a storm. :)


Anonova said...

Oooh wow!! Can't wait to see it all in person! :D *hugs*

Patti G. said...

Patti, all your pieces are beautiful!
Love seeing your paint set from the old days! Heheheh!
Such a talent you are!