Saturday, 29 January 2011

Happy Year of the Rabbit

This flying bunny is done in watercolours in my Hand book.

Chinese New Year is Feb 3 and it will be Year of the Rabbit.

Black Gesso with chalk stamped designs, masking tape and acrylic paints and Year of the Rabbit postage from Canada Post

Seth Apter has a wonderful blog with lot of collaborative art. I participated in "The Pulse" in which he solicited a large group of artists to find out what they were up to and in to. The latest addition is Collections and I am in the latest group shown here. Thanks Seth for all your inspirations to make a community for mixed media artists. :)

I have been playing around with lots of techniques and ideas and having a blast in my journals.

Background is done in acrylics the girl drawn with ink dropper, then I coloured her with Pan Pastels.

Revisited journal cover adding lots of textures.
Used paper towels, bees wax, ripped text pages and a stencil.

Blue Buster

Tracing over images pressing really hard to de-boss my journal page underneath and then using Pan Pastels to highlight the lines. FUN!



Anonova said...

Oh Earth Girl is especially lovely, Patti! Love it! Can't wait to see it all in person.

Leslie said...

Wow! So much creativity here! It's hard to know where to look first!

Caryl said...

I love these sketches they really make me smile.
You are invited to view my new blog

Marilyn Rock said...

When is your first online class offering Pattio? :) Love what you are doing!