Saturday, 19 February 2011

Journal Pages

This character is very inspired by Lynne Hoppe's art. Did the pencil sketch on the bus to work and the watercolour at home.

The Mad Hatter
watercolours, pastel and fibers.

Strathmore journal cover

Cool Dude

I sketched the orange on coffee break at the office.

"The Celtic Goddess" on clayboard
Carved the clayboard then used watercolours, a celtic stamp, then beeswax.

The cover of my new medium Strathmore watercolour journal.
"FACES" done in acrylics and walnut ink.

Spring is in the air
done in pencil and watercolours


Janine said...

I love this post and your work! Lynne inspires me as well. I bought that sketchbook she has a link to (a few posts back). The paper is wonderful in it! I am now hooked so I bought a bigger one!

Marilyn Rock said...

Oh; your journal work, here, is incredible Pattio! Jaw dropping really!

Seth said...

These faces are amazing. I love them! And the cover of your journal is a textural treat!

Anonova said...

I just love the Mad hatter's hair and the clayboard celtic goddess. :) Fantastic stuff as always, Patti!