Sunday, 27 February 2011

We got Snow!

And we got quite a bit too, about 25 cm or 10 inches. It came last Wednesday and is disappearing fast now as it has warmed up and it raining. It stayed fluffy for quite a few days which doesn't happen often here in Victoria. It was nice and sunny on Friday and I went around the yard taking a few pictures. This is the snowberry bushes in our back yard. Doesn't it look like popcorn?
I have been drawing and painting lots of faces. This one is from a photo reference. First I did the colour one and then went back and did the pencil sketch and took more time. Its amazing how you can get such different results from the same model.

All the rest are faces just from my imagination. On the left is an ink sketch with my non dominant hand and on the right is done with one continuous line and then I watercoloured and also added pan pastel.

Java Joe started off with coffee rings, then I wrote Java Joe in walnut in and then sprayed the page with water and added the teal watercolour and let it dry. Next I drew the face and then added the Java Joe lettering back on the top this time and highlighted some areas with walnut ink.
She is watercolours and pan pastels.

The cool dude is now in a magical forest.

Ink dauber faces.

I don't know where she came from but she doesn't look very happy. Pen and Acrylic ink.

Jack and Jill started off as ink dauber faces and then had all sorts of transformations. Black gesso, bottle circles of acrylic paint, crayon, pan pastels, watercolours, gel pen.

The artist is a copy of a little comic strip guy. Then he needed a reason so say Sacreblue! :) She is stamped and her hair inked and the rest watercoloured.

A few more shots around the yard. My wind chimes weren't making any noise as they were frozen together.
The woodpeckers have been finding lots of bugs in this old fir tree.

An angel with a big heart has visited.

As I ride off into the sun I wish everyone Adieu.

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Marilyn Rock said...

Love your faces you are creating Pattio! Fabulous! Your snow photos are neat! The first one does look like popcorn! xxoo