Saturday, 5 March 2011

More Journal pages with faces

This first face is inspired by Paul Klee, Lynne Hoppe posted a painting on her Tumblr site that really resonated with me. I loved the way he did the hair and the lines although my painting is completely different the scroll line work is similar.

One of my new favourite musicians! Janelle Monae.

Taking the bus because it was too windy to ride my bicycle. One perk is I get to sketch on the way to work. :)
Penciled this one on the bus too and then later added watercolours.

Playing with ways to make frames in pages of a new journal. I ripped holes and painted with acrylics, stamped in gold ink and then added some of my new printed masking tape.
Its a Madd Hatters theme and here is a pocket spread. I used text pages in squares to cover the first two levels and then painted the background with red watercolours and acrylics. I stamped the Alice in Wonderland characters and coloured with watercolours.
Here's hoping March goes out like a lamb because it came in like a lion. Roarrrrrr!


Janine said...

Absolutely wonderful...all of it!

Anonymous said...
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Marilyn Rock said...

I'm blown away!

Janine said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and yes I agree with you!