Friday, 17 June 2011

Hand Book

Lots of journal pages from my cute little 5 1/2" square Hand Book.
To be honest I wasn't very optimistic about my liking the paper in this journal but it was cheap enough I was willing to risk it. I must say I am quite impressed! Here are a bunch of pages where I have used lots of different media.

Horse inspired by Carla Sonheim
Her book Drawing Lab is Fab!

Inkjet Tranfer after a bit of Photoshop fun
My Mom and Dad enjoying a picnic.

Pencil and watercolour and stamps

Tanya is done in watercolours with a few stamps thrown in.
I have a new Scanner/Printer which prints beautifully but I am not thrilled with the shallow depth of field for the scanner. My old one was great I used to scan flowers picked fresh from the garden by leaving the top open. This new one has to have the journal squished flat to the surface to come out half decently. Grrrr!

Testing out my new colours of Gouache

WIP Inkjet transfer of Keiko and then drawn on.

Playing with family photos
My parents with my mom's mom and on New Years 1958 and 2 months pregnant with me!
My mom made her dress out of chocolate silk velvet ( I have the fabric) and gold taffeta.

Acrylic paint and walnut ink background to start then drew dove and used pencil crayons in the negative space around the bird. Pilot parallel pen highlighted with gel pens

A mish mash of media

Hand carved stamp of the face using walnut ink

Acrylic background and then used a deep blue Pentel Color Brush
Keiko, Me, Cody and Tim


thepowmill said...

Your little book is turning into a little marvel . I really do enjoy your blog .

Janine said...

Oh you have been busy! Love all of it! Makes me want to keep going in my little pocket journal!

kass said...

I have one of those size Handbook's too and it's a great little size huh! Love what you're doing here, I will definitely be braver in mine now with materials!!

Monica said...

wow, so much goodness. i really like your media mishmash and love your carved face.

what brands of scanner/printer? i'm looking to buy one that will be used for my art as well.

Anonymous said...

The size of it adds to it's marvel. Its about the size of a bathroom tile isn't it? Really inspiring!