Sunday, 12 June 2011

Mt Doug Park

These were the first wild roses I have seen this spring and they smelled intoxicating!
You get a 360 degree view from the top of Mt Doug and this is the view towards the farm I used to board my Appy Copper at, the farm land just below the trees. My old stomping ground was from there and up Mt Doug park and down to the ocean to ride on the beach. I have a lot of fond memories tearing around on the trails in the area.

Stonecrop is flowering all over.

Playing with filters on this rock picture

Moss covered Oaks

More digital fun with wildflower picture
I looked these up and they are Menzies Larkspur


Marilyn Rock said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos here Pattio! Gorgeous! I love the blue flowers - are those hollyhocks?

Judy Wise said...

Likewise Ms. Pattio, beautiful photos of your gorgeous part of the world. Arent we lucky? xoxo

Anonova said...

Beautiful shots, Patti!! I love the climb up Mt. Doug. The view is so worth it. Bean agrees. :)

thepowmill said...

Love the walk up the mountain . It so nice to see larkspur and stonecrop in their natural environment . Here in Canada , they are garden plants fromother places . So nice to see them in place .

lilasvb said...

nice to visit your blog, great pictures

Bruno - "Troke'' said...

Yaeah,nice pics and art!

Cheers from Brazil!

rivergardenstudio said...

What a beautiful park and view, I love that you spent your time as a child tearing around those trails... what an adventure. Have a great weekend! roxanne

Unknown said...

Patti, came for a visit to see how youse doin'... This post brought back many happy memories of us riding the Mountain, chasing, racing and winning over the motorized bikers that used to race the trails with the horse riders (us)! Copper and Gayla were SOOO in love!
Today, the first day of summer, finally seems like it!
luv J