Friday, 10 June 2011

Roz has infiltrated my journal :)

Roz with kissing pigs ;)

I started with a page off with gouache as I was inspired by Roz Stendahl talk on her blog of how much she liked it. I only had white for calligraphy up to this point and was curious to give gouache a bit of a test to see how I liked it. I like it! And reading the fun post about Roz getting new glasses made me giggle, I thought what a get picture she has wearing the kissing pig glasses, (your really curious yourself now, no? ;) So that was my model for "Project Journal Infiltration" I know I am not following the rules of sketching in person, but hey I am not going to be in the Minneapolis area anytime soon. So I guess I can't enter the contest, I am a rebel. (grinning)

Here is my door again with gel doodling play. Yehaa!

Misty Mawn made a recommendation for The Lost Fingers and I ended up with the whole album and I am enjoying it so much. I love Gypsy Jazz and they have such a great sense of whimsy too. Thanks Misty!

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Anonova said...

I LOVE the sketch of Roz!! That was my fave of her glasses shots too. :)

The door is looking just amazing.