Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Moving on

The last month has been very challenging for me and I want to return to a more relaxed and normal(???) routine. Thanks for all of your supportive comments. It is so quiet in the house and on the property now. I look forward to new beginnings. So I am shaking off and trying to carry on and get back into my art.

This is another view of my page extension with a bit more done to it. It is likely going to be worked on more. I am thinking gel pens right now as I already was playing with them. I like the peep hole showing the eye of the horse underneath. and for some reason I added the (magazine) face that I gel penned over. I do like where its going but I have no idea where it will end. :)
is done on a Gouache/gel pen background and has walnut ink hair

Another face. I don't know why I like faces so much now, they used to terrify me. I am surprised how many I do from my imagination. I don't have a vision of what the face will look like when I start, I just begin. Usually the eyes are first. I love drawing eyes and I always seem to make them too big as well as the lips too. My faces usually spill off the page which I am totally ok with. I find it so facinating to let your imagination loose and see what happens if you just let it.


Marilyn Rock said...

I've been trying to leave you a comment, here, for the longest time. Good ole' Blogger!

Anyway; I just love your art here. The eye of the horse is awesome. Clowy is wonderful against your beautiful background.

I was sorry to read about Keiko's passing. She was a beautiful dog; her soul and your love for her will live on! xxoo

Anonova said...

You have had a really challenging time, Patti, but you've risen to the occasion!

I love your faces, and the horse page is even better in person.