Thursday, 25 August 2011

New pathways

We are having our driveway built. The photos start at the bottom of the hill at our street and go up and up and up. It's over 400ft long and will be a gravel surface.

I must say it is a good feeling to be doing it. So far on day 2 they have cleared and now scraped down the soil to the clay, then a rock base and the crush will go on top of that.
It is going to be quite picturesque when it grows back in. It is looking a bit raw at the moment.

My art studio is the first part of the house you see.
And then it circles around and joins the old driveway.

These last two are shot going back down the driveway.
I took my horse for a walk down it and she was so cute. She loved it and was fascinated by all the changes and fresh dirt smells.


Marilyn Rock said...

Wow! This is a huge undertaking but worth it! Thanks for sharing; great photos. I bet your horse loved the walk and there's nothing like the smell of fresh dirt! Would love to see the progression. xxoo

thepowmill said...

This is exciting for you and your horse...the long drive. Sounds like two access points in/out. Wonderful for operating a business , too. I hope you don't get huge snow or ice in cold months since you would be cursing its existence then. Ha ha.

Lovely setting for home.

Anonova said...

It does look raw now, but WOW it's going to be so amazing looking next spring!!

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be nosy but is this on the Cape? Truro to be exact? Thanks. -Dan Osterman