Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Art Therapy and Digital Fun

Lately I have been thinking of mom a lot and wearing the amber jewelry she wore to feel a little closer to her. There is something so special about the mother/daughter relationship. We had such a great and close relationship sharing many interests, horses, gardening, sewing to name a few. Gosh I miss her. Her wise council.

This is a picture of her from about 1970 wearing her favorite rust coloured suede jacket. I was experimenting with a new app I got Photo Effects Lite and tried out a bunch. Many of you may have seen some of these before but I was having fun and once I found the Kaleidoscope filter I got totally carried away. It actually rotates your image around and you can stop it and save the file at any point. How cool is that?

I created a ton of Kaleidoscopes from my art and it is fascinating how they turn out. Stay tuned for more.

The original image is very "soft" so somewhat difficult to do to much with. This is what made me experiment with it as I loved the colours in the photo, very Mom. Even if you can't see her I know she is there.

Luv ya mom!


Marilyn Rock said...

She will always be with you Pattio! Thoughts of you! xxoo Marilyn

thepowmill said...

This concept is fascinating . And you can extend the photo gallery of your Mom. That is always good.