Saturday, 10 September 2011

Bits and Pieces

Sorry for being so absent from blog land. Life has been packed with challenges as of late.

Here is a digital painting I did in "Art Studio" on my iPad. This is a great app for drawing in. It is capably of layers and blending your paint and is very intuitive to use. I think I will be using it a lot more. I don't use my iPad for surfing I love the apps you can get. I have a bunch of arty creative apps and I am surprised how much I am enjoying the apps with soothing sounds. They really can help me sleep listening to ocean waves, distant chimes or forest sounds.

The horse is DaVinci inspired.

"Gias the Time Lord" a journal page.
The face is painted entirely with my finger tip and acrylics.

"Cody aka Red"
Pitt pens and acrylics on mystery paper
Kellie gave me this interesting pad of paper and it is very cool. It looks like it wouldn't take wet media but it does very well and is surprisingly strong. Thanks Kell!

Summer is here at last. In Victoria we had such a wet winter, spring and even summer, until a month ago. Since then it has been awesome weather, warm and sunny with highs in the mid twentys typically. I have been doing tons of work on our yard. The 450 ft driveway is done and I am trying to smooth out the rough edges that heavy equipment leaves behind. Its starting to pay off. :)


Marilyn Rock said...

I love these Pattio! The painting that was done with your finger tips - just incredible! Love the DaVinci inspired horse, too. That mystery paper sounds awesome! xxoo

Janine said...

Wonderful job! Love these pages!

I have to ask...was I being hard on myself in my post? I was just being real I thought. Makes me laugh and btw, music sounds like a good idea I need to get some kind of player to listen! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have an app on my iPhone which I've tried drawing with but failed miserably. I think the iPad is much better for those apps and your piccy proves it. I couldn't even draw a cup without my finger sliding off the tiny screen. Agh. Lol