Sunday, 29 January 2012


I have been enjoying Milliande's videos of her Seed Journals. Her day 7 inspired this face. I did a face in wet on wet watercolours and walnut ink after adding text with matte medium. I sprayed it too to make the colours blend as they would on their own with no help from me. Then I ripped the face in half and painted a new half responding to side one. Once it dried I went over it with a fine black pen, then I added a bit of highlights with a white oil pastel. Fun! Part of what inspired me was her spontaneity and part was her colour palette.

I am using the Strathmores new Mixed Media Pads, the 400 series. I really like the paper and it is really sturdy and takes a lot of wet media and collage and it is very reasonable. I am a happy customer. :)

Coming up Roses was inspired by Traci Bautista's free workshop through Strathmore. I say inspired because I got so excited that I kept going off on tangents from Traci's instructions. :) The fine lines in her hair are acrylic paint laid down with a pizza cutter. I also finished it off with the Portfolio oil pastels. The are so creamy and smooth.

"Coming up Roses"

"Tumbler" is inspired by the above and Traci's Lesson 4. Tumbler also has pizza cutter hair. In the background are stamps and letter stencils. He is also acrlyics finished with oil pastels. I love how saturated the colours are.

Inspired by Carla Sonheim's Picasso Dogs. Tons of fun.
The dog page is a work in progress there will be more added to the page when I'm done.

Happy arting!


lynne h said...

oh, this top face, patti... wow, wow...

are the strathmore 400 journals spiral bound?


Pattio said...

Thanks Lynne, it was hard to stop painting but my instinct kept saying no, no more even though I had planned to go further originally.

The 400 series Strathmore are not journals they are just gummed pads that you tear off. I almost didn't buy it because it wasn't a journal but I am glad I did. They have the same paper in spiral journals with a lighter weight paper that are good too and I really like them as well.

Hugs Patti

Lisa Graham Art said...

The first one is amazing...they are all good...but ESPECIALLY the first one. I've never heard of walnut ink. Lots of inky work going on with blogs...I think I may have to give it a go. Your face there is mysterious and like it is from thousands of years ago. I really really think it's cool.

Marilyn Rock said...

I love your take on these class techniques. All are wonderful! Love 'em!