Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Percolated Art

I got this simple but really fun new app for my iPad called Percolator. These are either my photos or art that I imported and played with the filters in Percolator. So I call it "Percolated Art"

"Gillian" Original is Mixed media

This is a photo of an abandoned nest with my porcelain quail eggs.

This was a pencil drawing

A mixed media painting in my journal

an acrylic hand print

Mixed media in my journal
Professor Longhair

"The happy blue horse"

Me photographed with my iMac


thepowmill said...

This art reminds me of the effect you get when you put drops of vinegar onto a metallic surface painted over with acrylic paint.

...or the effect when you put salt on wet water colours.

So lovely an effect.

Irene said...

Oh, I do love these percolations!

lynne h said...

okay, a big WOW to this!!


Pattio said...

Wow thanks yous guys. I find it really interesting how the effect works on different types of images. I am really drawn to circles and spirals so it is pleasing to me on many levels.


Seth said...

Hadn't seen this effect before. It is very cool and unique.

Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

*sigh* I love the chestnut horse one!