Friday, 10 August 2012

Weeds, they are growing like weeds!

Vinnie and Zoey are going  through lots of stages. They are 11 weeks old now and are running and jumping a lot more than just a short while ago and getting more coordinated, but there is still lots of wipe outs. LOL! They are so entertaining.

Vinnie is in green and Zoey is in purple.

These are all shots by my fabulous photographer and husband Tim Zurowski.

Bye, till next time.


lizzie said...

Are they ever growing like weeds. They are still adorable.

FineFoodFound said...


The puppies are so cute!
Please email me, my phone is crap,(by crap, I mean, I got it wet :( ) and I can`t get to your email address!
So msg me please!

I was thinking maybe around 11 tomorrow or maybe 1.
Let me know!