Saturday, 15 September 2012

Art Space and Puppies at the Park

This is not art but I hope it impacts my art in a hugely positive way. 
How could it not?
This is before

 And after

I love how it lets in tons of light. :)


Every deck needs accessories. 

My husband Tim's beautiful close up shot of my hanging basket.

 Vinnie in Green, Zoey in purple at the park.
 They love hanging out together

Zoey loves playing in the water.
They are growing so much! They are over 18 inches at the shoulders now. 


Marilyn Rock said...

Your art space is a dream! And - your pups are growing - they are beautiful. They are so happy together!

lizzie said...

Oh my gosh. I can't believe how big Zoey and Vinnie are!!!.
Your deck looks fabulous.

Cathy Mckean said...

Love that! I would like to do the same thing on my deck. What was used for the roof? I've been looking for a clear cover but haven't been able to find it. Makes a great outdoor space.

Pattio said...

Hi Cathy, I tried to go to your profile to get your email but was denied access so I hope you check back.

I don't know if your in Canada. I am in Victoria BC and at the local lumber store the material is called corrugated polycarbonate sheets. It is a plastic material not fiberglass and we just got it at Home Depot.

I also used it on the walls of my barn to let light in and it works great.