Tuesday, 2 October 2012

collaborative art

This small journal is Kellie's. It is a delight and I have been having fun adding to what she has already begun.  The whale is what I saw in her lines and I just added the eye and some colour to make it pop out. Carla Sonheim has me imagining animals. :)

This guy is on the cover and I boosted the colours and added the text and then bees waxed it. I also re-stitched it and macramed the ties with some beads. 

This was my Christmas card from Kelly. I have been altering it. It is really cool because it is a wooden block open in the back but she turned it around and added a door that now opens to a shadow box. More on this as it develops.

We have been having the best fall weather. Sunny days that have been going on for weeks. :)

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