Saturday, 17 August 2013

Year of the Giraffe

Carla Sonheim has inspired me again. :) I am not in her Year of the Giraffe class but seeing all the cool stuff that has been posted got me interested in these weirdly wonderful creatures. This is in my small tan paged Strathmore journal using pen and ink, gouache, gel pen and pan pastels on the goofy giraffe on the left and on the right I used pencil, charcoal, pan pastel, watercolour pencil and gel pen.


Janine said...

Thank you for your comment Patti! I just saw your wonderful journal art and am so impressed! Wow!

Janine said...

Actually I think I am going to paint it out sooner than later! Thanks again!

Patti G. said...

I LOVE this Patti!!!!!!!
Huggies, Patti