Sunday, 11 August 2013

Playing with Stencils

 I love this pod stencil by Stencil Girl I used fibre paste to make it heavily textured for the cover of my new Bee Journal.

Playing with my hand carved rose stamp

 For these last two pages I use light moulding paste with the Stencil Girl stencils.

This one is a WIP


Lisa Graham Art said...

These are much texture and love the rich colors you've used.

Have a great day!

Dana said...

Love your take on the pods... I recognize it... it's one of Jane Lafazio's. Fantastic!

Jane LaFazio said...

Fabulous! So glad you like the pod stencil I designed for stencilgirl!

Patti said...

Thanks you so much Lisa.

And thank you too Dana. The pod stencil is beautiful!

Jane, thanks for your comment. What an awesome stencil you designed!

Cheers Patti