Monday, 7 May 2007

Nick Bantock

This weekend I took a 2 day class with Nick Bantock. It was a great learning experiance. It was so nice to meet the man behind the story teller. He has a great sense of humour is an eloquent speaker and is very down to earth, such great qualities for a teacher. He challenged us to delve deeper to get to know ourselves better through our art. I had a fantastic time and what I learned will definately help me to grow as an artist and aspire to stretch myself more.
Thank you Nick!

We started the first day with small collages 2x2".

Then we did 2 4x4, one of pure content and one of no content. Then we did an 8x8" below. We were only to use black and white and it was meant to tell a story. I found this exercise quite a challenge as I always work in colour. The second day we worked most of the day on a 15" square collage. This seemed huge after the smaller sizes. It was quite an exciting couple of days. I haven't finished my big collage yet but it has a very interesting start, one where I am trying hard to think outside the box. :) My 15" collage. Cheers Pattio

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